TG DAO 3.0 x Alpha Hunt

We are proud to announce our partnership with TG DAO 3.0 Launchpad

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TG DAO 3.0 is TG Ecosystem’s launchpad for investing in conventional and crypto start-ups. All launchpad investors are considered to be co-owners and take part in the decision-making process for the launchpad functions.
(TG stands for “TechGen”)

1- DAO 3.0 Community

They’re creating a community of investors based on DAO 3.0 principles and giving them unique tools for group interactions, discussions, voting, and governance.

2- Early investment

They’re preparing start-ups that the TG Ecosystem needs and offering crypto investors the opportunity to invest in them at early stages with maximum benefit.

3- Guaranteed allocations

The community of investors chooses start-ups through voting, and each investor receives guaranteed allocations based on their Reputation.

4- Various sources of income

Investors receive income from either reselling allocations, reselling start-ups tokens, or from start-ups themselves.


By Investors

- low barrier of entry

- investment security

- diversification

- defence of rights

- tools for effective collective decision making

- joining crypto and real investment

By Startups

- investors community

- consumers community

- tools for collective decision making

- short terms for investment raising

- targeted orders on the ecosystem

- incubation, acceleration, and development support

Additionally, they have their own blockchain called the TechGen which works based on a Proof Of Authority consensus mechanism.

This approach gives a set of advantages that can be likened to more popular consensus mechanisms. Scala was chosen as the programming language due to it also being very advantageous.









MC AT TGE: $460k (Including Liquidity) $100k (Excluding Liquidity)


What is Alpha Hunt

Alpha Hunt is a group of seasoned cryptocurrency investors
collaborating with young blockchain companies to help accelerate
their growth.

Our community believes in helping the winners of tomorrow with the
capital, partnerships and guidance they need to succeed.

We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting projects in the
blockchain space to form mutually beneficially working relationships
with our passionate and rapidly growing community.

“Helping the leaders of tomorrow with the tools needed today.”

Website| Twitter |Telegram



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