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4 min readDec 13, 2021

We are proud to announce our Investment into UpOnly!

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UpOnly is positioning itself to be the premier data and analytics platform for the rapidly growing play-to-earn industry. The play-to-earn industry is in a stage of rapid growth with a vast proliferation of gaming options. However, play-to-earn gamers and spectators have no reliable source of data and analytics that allows them to derive insights and leverage their activities in the gaming world.

UpOnly is addressing this critical gap in the market while also providing an infrastructure which will allow the rapidly growing audience of play-to-earn spectators to bet on the outcomes of play-to-earn games and generate monetary value from their predictive ability.

1- UpOnly.com Data Directory

Underpinned by a centralized database architecture, UpOnly.com will compile comprehensive data on play-to-earn games. Similar to Coinmarketcap.com and Coingecko.com, UpOnly will establish itself as a trusted data directory for the play-to-earn industry. The UpOnly data directory will retrieve real-time data from play-to-earn games by utilizing data query solutions such as TheGraph. It will retrieve data such as price sizes, data on active games, odds of winning play-to-earn prize pools, and ease of entry. UpOnly will establish the infrastructure to present extremely insightful and actionable data on all of the play-to-earn gaming options. Moreover, the data directory will provide the capability for UpOnly community members to submit relevant links related to given play-to-earn projects. For instance, UpOnly members can submit news and press releases related to the projects on the database.

Any emerging play-to-earn game can be uploaded to the data directory. The data will be tailored to be insightful for both gamers participating in the games and spectators of play-to-earn gaming. Play-to-earn gamers will be able to easily identify the games and platforms that offer the most lucrative rewards, those that are the least competitive, and those that have been gaining recent traction in terms of their platform usage and the price movements of their native tokens. Spectators will also be able to easily identify the most active and exciting games to watch. Moreover, spectators will have the opportunity to earn from their activity by betting on the outcome of various play-to-earn games.

2- UpOnly Prediction Platform and UPO Token Dynamics

Underpinned by the Polygon network, UpOnly is launching a decentralized infrastructure that will facilitate speculation on the outcome of play-to-earn games. The audience for online gaming and blockchain-based games is growing. This infrastructure will allow speculators of play-to-earn games to turn their spectating activity into a source of viable and sustainable income. Spectators can utilize the data from the UpOnly data directory to help predict the outcomes of various playto-earn games. The native UPO token is at the heart of the UpOnly prediction platform. To bet on the outcome of a play-to-earn game, spectators must hold UPO tokens. Spectators can bet their UPO on the outcome of various play-to-earn games and earn further UPO rewards when they predict the outcome correctly. The decentralized prediction platform will be the first of its kind in the blockchain-based gaming industry. It will be the first infrastructure that allows blockchain based gaming spectators to monetize their activity and access broader insights and data from the UpOnly platform.


UpOnly! Roadmap

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  • TOTAL TOKEN: 160,000,000
  • TOKEN AT TGE: 3,250.500
  • TOTAL RAISE: $7.42m
  • MC AT TGE: $520k
  • FULLY DILUTED: $25.6m

Prices & Vesting:

  • ANGEL: $0.1, 5% before listing, 7.91% monthly for twelve months, +30 days. $1m
  • SEED:$0.12, 5% before listing, 9.5% monthly for ten months, +30 days. $1.44m
  • PRIVATE 1: $0.14, 5% before listing, 11.875% monthly for eight months, +30 days. $2.1m
  • PRIVATE 2: $0.16, 5% before listing, 15.83% per month for six months, +30 days. $2.72
  • PUBLIC: $0.16, 50% before listing, 50% +30 days. $160k

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