Universe Island x Alpha Hunt

We are proud to announce our Investment into Universe Island

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The Blockchain Cards LTD is one of the unique service based company in cryptocurrency sector. It is converting customers cards, toys, coins, stamps into new 3D layout with safely securing it on blockchain. The TBCE ecosystem is leveraging the power of three of the most powerful growth engines of modern times — mobile games, collectable assets & blockchains and combine them together to form the ultimate tokenized metaverse!

Gamers, we are proud to present to you ‘Universe Island’ — a unique sci-fi & crypto themed, visually stunning mobile (Android and iOS) iteration of the most popular First-Person Shooter (FPS) genre, with 1v1 and multiplayer mode gameplay options. This will be the first of- its kind FPS crypto game, and we believe that together with you, we shall build one the most valuable, entertaining & competitive metaverses in all of existence!


  • Multi functional NFT marketplace — Our NFT platform brings together the right vendors and the right customers to drive sales through an exceptional multi-verse platform.
  • Crypto Currency Based mobile game — Our platform brings first of its kind a crypto currency based mobile game: UNIVERSE ISLAND
  • Real assets to digital tokens — TBCE facilitates the conversion and grading of real life valuables such as Pokémon cards & other collectables to NFTs.


Roadmap Universe Island 2021
Roadmap Universe Island 2022


Universe Island Team


Universe Island Advisors


Universe Island Partners


  • NETWORK: ERC20 (maybe move to BEP20)
  • TOTAL TOKEN: 93,000,000,000
  • TOTAL RAISE: $4,900,000
  • MC AT TGE: $650,000

Prices & Vesting

  • SEED: $0.00014; TGE: 8% at TGE, then linear vesting for 12 months
  • PRIVATE: $0.00018; TGE: 8% at TGE, then linear vesting for 9 months
  • PUBLIC: $0.00021; TGE: 20% at TGE, then linear vesting for 4 months

What is Alpha Hunt

Alpha Hunt is a group of seasoned cryptocurrency investors
collaborating with young blockchain companies to help accelerate
their growth.

Our community believes in helping the winners of tomorrow with the
capital, partnerships and guidance they need to succeed.

We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting projects in the
blockchain space to form mutually beneficially working relationships
with our passionate and rapidly growing community.

“Helping the leaders of tomorrow with the tools needed today.”

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