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We are proud to announce our Investment into Remnant Labs

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Remnant Labs Ltd is developing a Fantasy Anime game ecosystem on Ethereum and Polygon network. The games are both play-to-earn and free-to-play with original Anime characters.

The $REMN governance token is used for the Remnant Ecosystem.

This includes:

- Staking for APY & $SHARDS with time-lock bonus

- Liquidity staking with time-lock bonus

- Burn to receive major boost in $SHARDS gain over time

- Purchase “Raffles” (everyone wins) for weekly draws

- Governance voting for treasury use and game balance

$SHARDS is a synthetic token that is not a crypto ERC-20 token, it is a game currency.

$SHARDS is carefully secured on our servers, audited by backend engineers. This way, we aim to allow gamers to optionally use crypto/NFT, while also creating a more seamless user experience.

All NFTs are also given immediate utility through Idle Commissions (NFT staking). By deploying characters to timed missions, players can earn $REMN tokens based on their Rarity Title, decided by the Farm Power stat value.


The main game being developed by Remnant Labs is titled Alter Genesis.

Alter Genesis is a 3D Anime Tower Defense browser and mobile game. Your Alter Genesis NFTs are deployable in this game. Alter Genesis has a full story and world-building in development. The alpha is expected in Q2 2022.

Additionally, Trial Events, Idle commissions and Untitled Multiplayer games are planned.

See whitepaper for further details

  • NFTs:

Remnant NFTs are 5555 unique Fantasy Anime NFTs on Ethereum. Totaling 240+ traits and 150+ trillion possible combinations, these characters serve as the protagonist in this fantasy world. These characters earn $REMN from Idle Commissions & Tower Defense. The rarity of the traits dictate their Farm Power value.

They also have Alter Genesis NFTs.


Remnant Labs Roadmap


Remnant Labs Team

We are a new game development studio based in Toronto, Canada, 1 Concorde Gate Suite 702. Our story begins as 5 young members with a game development background and passion for building fun games and disruptive technology. Our team strives to utilize innovative technology to push towards better gaming experiences and standards. Since April, we’ve expanded and received contributions from many contracted members and are in the process of onboarding more talent to the core team.


Denis Bondar


MH Ventures, Alpha Hunt, GTS Capital, Jin Lin Capital


  • TOTAL TOKEN: 10,000,000,000
  • TOKEN AT TGE: 750,000,000 (7.5%)
  • TOTAL RAISE: $585k + $1m (From NFTs Sales)
  • MC AT TGE: $487,500
  • FULLY DILUTED: $6.5m

Prices & Vesting

  • SEED: $0.000325, 12.5% at TGE, then linear over 7 month, $390k
  • PRIVATE: Conditional-$195k Raise,
  • IGO: 20% TGE unlock and 20% per month, $195k (Maybe they can increase up to $260k)

What is Alpha Hunt

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Alpha Hunt

Alpha Hunt is a group of seasoned cryptocurrency investors collaborating with young blockchain companies to help accelerate their growth.