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We are proud to announce our Investment into Plutonians

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Plutonians is an NFT enabled and SPL token powered space RPG video game. The game framework will be developed as a combination of web2 multiplayer universe, and web3 enabled metaverse.

Built in the spirit of openness that the Metaverse demands, Plutonians is a persistent-state web3 video game, with an underlying framework of primitives built to leave open the graphical layer to be reimagined by the community if they see fit. This leaves open the option for mobile, tablet, even ar, vr and beyond.

Game Play

A hybrid mix of Escape Velocity, Homeworld, and real time RPG games. Combining classic shooter action with strategy, in-game co-op, building, and collecting.

Take on the role of a pirate and board and loot disabled vessels, or take a more diplomatic approach in the nearest cantina. And when done with the single player mission, build your own with the level editor! Or explore the work of the community with the Plutonians expanded universe, the best of which might even be included in the next expansion pack.


  • Level editors to allow freedom of development and open source uptake
  • Story editors everyday players can edit and administrate
  • Spaceship and component editor
  • SPL token powered spaceships
  • Chase items of increasingly elaborate and powerful ships, weaponry and tech
  • Real time space travel
  • Community created and curated free content to continue your missions beyond the main story pack
  • Free expansion packs
  • In game economy, markets and trading systems including NFT Marketplace, in-game DEX AMM, in-game Yield Farms and in-game lending platform
  • Leaning into humour and memes to continue to capture the energy of the moment

About Metaverse

  • Enabling a universal ID/avatar
  • Worlds and experiences
  • 3D everything & 360/spatial videos
  • Live Streaming
  • Engage/immerse/inhabit + memories/friendships collected
  • VR/XR devices & screens / Full natural UI/UX
  • Virtual commerce/live-2-earn
  • Crypto/CBDC/NFT
  • Interconnected open worlds

NFT Marketplace

  • Purchase a spaceship or megacruiser
  • Upgrade components on ships
  • Invest in latest warp drive
  • Sell your spcaship NFT
  • All NFT spaceships can be used in game!
  • Opening a new market for cross metaverse activities
  • Open source allows for freedom and unlimited gameplay
  • Roam the galaxies, make friends and build a fleet
  • Plutonians are limited only by your imagination!


CTO & Co-Founder — Tillmann Mayer

Till brings 20 years experience working with the world’s most talented creatives, coders, and artists. Social media enabled games for Adidas, web3 enabled games, even code-art and data-vis, Till brings a unique spectrum of skills and expertise including multi-touch, VR, game design, physics simulations and more.

Producer — James Lee

JL has a professional background in marketing, fintech, SAAS project management and business intelligence. He has been getting his feet wet in the crypto markets since 2016. In 2020 he commenced working full time in Blockchain and has been responsible for assisting two projects in standing up successful DeFi dApp and ecosystems. James will be assisting Plutonians to become DeFi ready and also use his business development skills to assist in onboarding the best teams and stakeholders to support the Plutonians Gaming Metaverse.

Rest of the team can be found on the main page of their website.


Tony — Game Industry Advisor

Tony holds a Bachelor’s degree in game development and is Plutonians eyes and ears into the latest in the games industry. When not gaming you will usually find him jamming to music, exploring new ways to hack recipes that take too long or catching up on the latest netflix and anime shows.


U.A Fabrica, BrotherHood, Vespertine Capital, Bull Perks, FishDao, Oddiyana,Blockworks Capital, Moonwhale, OIG, Brotherhood Ventures, Avalon Wealth Club, Fairum, VC 316, French Hunters Venture, Progenius Ventures, CryptoFomo, DeFi Boost, Matrix Labs, AR Ventures, Contango, MH Ventures, Bull Perks, Gamespad, Gamestarter, EnjinStarter, Corestarter


  • NETWORK: Solana
  • TOTAL TOKEN: 350M & 35B
  • INITIAL MC: 730K for each (Excluding Liquidity)
  • TOTAL RAISE: $9.9M, $9.9M

Prices & Vesting PLD

  • SEED: $0.09, TGE +1h 8% unlock, then linear over 24 months, $945K
  • PRIVATE: $0.1, TGE +1h 10% unlock, then linear over 18 months, $7.7M
  • PUBLIC: $0.125, 20%, 2month cliff, then 20% per month, $1.312M

Prices & Vesting RPC

  • SEED: $0.0009, TGE +1h 8% unlock, then linear over 24 months, $945K
  • PRIVATE: $0.001, TGE +1h 10% unlock, then linear over 18 months, $7.7M
  • PUBLIC: $0.00125, 20%, 2month cliff, then 20% per month, $$1.312M

What is Alpha Hunt

Alpha Hunt is a group of seasoned cryptocurrency investors
collaborating with young blockchain companies to help accelerate
their growth.

Our community believes in helping the winners of tomorrow with the
capital, partnerships and guidance they need to succeed.

We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting projects in the
blockchain space to form mutually beneficially working relationships
with our passionate and rapidly growing community.

“Helping the leaders of tomorrow with the tools needed today.”

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