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We are proud to announce our Investment into Outer Ring

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Outer Ring is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that unites fantasy and science fiction, based on the novel of the same name Outer Ring Saga, in an open world that allows exploration, all supported by its Play to Earn system and Player Driven Economy, with real economy both In-game and Off-game.

Game Economy

The game economy is real, operating with its own economic system and its own laws, that are influenced by the players themselves. Players hold Exocredits (EXO), the official in-game currency, a token that interfaces between the game and the world of cryptocurrencies, and Galactic Quadrants (GQ) the governance token and second official in-game currency; giving the ability to interface with all major cryptocurrencies.

Outer Ring has several methods of economic interaction:

  • Direct in-game purchases.
  • A Marketplace, where you can directly acquire GQs, EXOs or NFTs from the game (in the form of booster packs) by purchasing them with other cryptocurrencies through a digital wallet.
  • In-game shops, run by non-player characters, who trade with players.
  • Diverse in-game DEX in different zones or planets, with liquidity pools of the different collectible items in the game, with the possibility of purchase, provide liquidity and subsequent arbitrage by the players.
  • Player-created shops, where players can trade items they have created themselves, with direct interaction with other players.

Monetization Methods

The game model is freemium, i.e., the player can access and play from the very first moment without paying anything and can obtain benefits by earning achievements. The player who contributes to the game’s economy is rewarded for this, both by trading in items and by buying them directly, encouraging access to and use of the economy from the outset.

  • Fees applied to all transactions done in the game.
  • Marketplace, where players can transform their cryptocurrencies by linking digital wallets directly to GQs, EXOs or NFTs used for character upgrades (in-game or out-of-game purchases).
  • Player-to-player sales, thanks to the possibility of opening their own virtual shops run by the players themselves and selling the products they generate.
  • Auction House, where players will be able to trade goods in an open auction.
  • In-game advertising spaces, enabling in-game advertising spaces to be rented as ‘product placement’ to companies that want to interact with the persistent virtual world that is the Outer Ring.
  • Merchandising available for purchase through the website, with a variety of products to please fans.


Outer Ring Technical Roadmap


Maniac Panda Games is the result of the experience of Nexxyo labs in two fields as disparate as they are related, which are Blockchain and video games. Nexxyo Labs: Spanish company composed of an interdisciplinary team led by Daniel Valdés, which is dedicated to the development of blockchain custom software, mobile applications and video games using the latest technology to achieve its mission.

Linkedln of Nexxyo Labs

CEO — Daniel Valdes

COO — Ricardo Cevallos Seligmann

CMO — Maria Alejandra Figueroa Ballesteros


Lead by Maniac Panda Games, Nexxyo Labs and Windex Technologies OÜ


Maniac Panda Games (Developers), MetaBrands, Windex Technologies OÜ (Invested $1.5M), Nexxyo Labs, Dext, Dext Force Ventures, AvStar Capital, DreamBoat Capital, MH Ventures, BeloBaba, Union Capital, Black Dragon, Kapitalia, Club 721, Kangaroo Capital, Excalibur Capital, Avalon Wealth Club, Hawks Hunters, Fish DAO, HVS Ventures


  • NETWORK: BSC (EVM Compatible)
  • TOTAL TOKEN: 10 Billion
  • INITIAL MC: $1.58M (Excluding Liquidity)
  • TOTAL RAISE: $9.150M + Angel Raise (Around $6.81M)

Prices & Vesting

  • ANGEL: Safe round, 1 month cliff, then 14 month linear, $6.81M
  • SEED: $0.0015, 5% TGE, then 12 month linear, $900K
  • PRIVATE 1: $0.0025, 6% TGE, then 12 month linear, $2M
  • PRIVATE 2: $0.0035, 8% TGE, then 8 month linear, $3.85M
  • PUBLIC: $0.004, 20% TGE, then 5 month linear, $2.4M

What is Alpha Hunt

Alpha Hunt is a group of seasoned cryptocurrency investors
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Alpha Hunt

Alpha Hunt is a group of seasoned cryptocurrency investors collaborating with young blockchain companies to help accelerate their growth. www.alphahunt.club