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We are proud to announce our Investment into Last Horde

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Last Horde is a fantasy card game based on NFT technology that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. The game uses the Unity engine to offer an immersive gaming experience where players must face off in duels using their collectible cards.

The Game

Last Horde is the next generation of web browser game where players can play against the game’s AI or challenge themselves to a duel with real people.

Main Features

  • ACCESSIBLE: Last Horde is a game that can be played from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • DECENTRALIZED: Players will be able to freely buy and sell the cards and tokens of the game using the Blockchain.
  • PLAY & EARN: In Last Horde, players can earn a passive income in the HORDE token by winning games, selling cards or staking HORDE.
  • NFT GAME: Leveraging NFT technology, and merging it with people’s passion for owning unique, one-of-a-kind items of great value.

Business Model

  • Purchase the Cards to upgrade your deck.
  • Rent some cards before the game
  • Transaction fees in the marketplace (3% for sale, 2% for buy)
  • Initial investment required from a player are $45 (3 cards), $90 (7 cards) and $135 (11 cards)


  • Q4 2021 — Beta Game Versión.
  • Q1 2022 — Full marketplace and Game Launch
  • Q2 2022 — Player vs Player Mod and Contract Audit
  • Q3 2022 — Mobile App
  • Q4 2022 — Online Tournaments

Token Utility

  • Play-To-Earn, buy the cards


Last Horde Team


Last Horde Advisor



  • TOTAL TOKEN: 300m
  • Token at TGE: 9m
  • TOTAL RAISE: $1.5m from token sale, $1–1.5m from NFTs sale.
  • MC AT TGE: $450k

Prices & Vesting

  • PRIVATE: $600k, $0.05, Cliff: 1 week, 20% after cliff, then 16% monthly over 6 months
  • PUBLIC: $900k, $0.1, Cliff: 1 week, 20% after cliff, then 16% monthly over 6 months
Last Horde Game Cards

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