Fantom Pad x Alpha Hunt

We are proud to announce our Investment into Fantom Pad


The problem

  1. Complications transitioning from Launch platform to Dex.
  2. Tacky third party vesting solutions.
  3. Duplicated scammer listings on DEX.
  4. Snipe Bots.

All in one solution


  • Seamless link generated whitelisting method
  • Set flexible rules and conditions customised to you

Auto Vesting:

  • Simple setup and easy token vesting solutions all within the same platform. No more complicated vesting software! Set flexible rules and conditions customised to you.


  • Transition directly from raise to exchange listing with no fuss.
  • Unique authentication method to prevent duplicate scam listings.
  • Integrated Token Vesting automation.
  • Anti Snipe bot mechanism.

All Features:

  • Community driven Incubation
  • Seamless transition to DEX listing
  • Inbuilt token vesting release
  • DEX list authentication (anti-scam)
  • Anti-Snipe Bot
  • Integrated Staking/Farming
  • Unique link sharing whitelisting
  • Whitelisting — Marketing Combo
  • Design custom incubation rules
  • Built Native to the Fantom network

Why Fantom Pad

  • Safer for the User / Developer:

There are plenty of tasks conventional launchpads and exchanges just aren’t cut out for. Whether it’s snipe bots or false listings FantomPAD protects against all vulnerabilities..

  • Convenience:

Choosing the right platform to suit your needs is a daunting task. With FantomPAD we’ve removed the hassle of launching and developing a custom vesting platform. With FantomPAD it’s as simple as raise and list. Done!

Fantompad Bidding Tier System

  1. When applying for Whitelist users must use the link shared to the community.
  2. Users must then stake the minimum amount and share the link to qualify!
  3. The value staked directly correlates with allocation entitlement
  4. Stake Value Formula (Days staked X Amount of FPAD staked = Value of stake)
  5. Median and Highest bids will be displayed after the user has been drafted.


Fantom Pad Roadmap


Fantom Pad Team



  • INITIAL MC FROM IDO: $444K (Excluding Liquidity)
  • TOTAL RAISE: $3.4M

Prices & Vesting

  • SEED: $0.08, 4% TGE, then 4% after 2 weeks, 1 month cliff then linear vesting for 12 months, $400k
  • PRIVATE: $0.12, 7% TGE, then 7% after 2 weeks, 1 month cliff then linear vesting for 10 months, $960k
  • STRATEGIC: $0.16, 10% TGE, then 10% after 2 weeks, 1 month cliff then linear vesting for 8months, $1,280,000
  • PUBLIC: $0.19, 20% TGE, then 20% per month for 4 months, $760k

What is Alpha Hunt

Our community believes in helping the winners of tomorrow with the
capital, partnerships and guidance they need to succeed.

We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting projects in the
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with our passionate and rapidly growing community.

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