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4 min readJan 3, 2022

We are proud to announce our Investment into Endless Battlefield

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The first major military strategy and exploration game built on the UE (unreal engine) engine.

Endless Battlefield, abbreviated as EB, is a metaverse built on the UE engine, presenting the world of military strategy and exploration in a sandbox. Using planets as maps, it has multiple modes to meet the needs of different players.

The game can be played in FPS (shooter’s eyes) mode for hardcore/hardcore gamers. Casual players can also find various activities to start their adventures like hunting, fishing and building. Players will be rewarded by collecting materials, building sites and winning battles…

Apart from intense and competitive game modes, EB creates stress-free and immersive environments for non-competitive gamers. The vast EB world allows casual players to escape reality through harvesting, mining, logging, fishing, hunting and item crafting. As a great metaverse gamer, EB provides great rewards for competitive and fun-seeking players.


Sandbox is built at planet level. In it, it allows players to freely experience the world and act as a virtual citizen. Various entertainment and exciting war games can be played among a large number of players.


Players can switch between First Person and Third Person view during battle. Aiming and shooting skills are perks used when competing for survival on the battlefield.


Build a world based on competition for resources, humanity and the permanence of conflict. Craft an immersive experience for players to form alliances and fight for scarce resources.


Harvesting, timber, fishing, mining, hunting, etc. Various resource gathering methods are open for players to explore more.


Players can simultaneously cooperate with different alliances to build homelands, military bases and watchtowers to live, have fun and fight in this metaverse.


Rewards will be allocated to active players through NFT and token distribution. Weapons, vehicles and loot can be exchanged for NFTs, greatly increasing the circulation of game assets.

Dual-Token Economy

Endless Battlefield offers two tokens, EB and EBC, both of which serve as incentives to users for playing the game.

EB Token

EB is the governance token with a maximum supply of 1 billion. The initial supply of 400,000 EB are airdropped to our early supporters. EB token provides values to the EB ecosystem where holders can participate in community governance and voting to influence major decisions such as emission rate. Meanwhile, EB is also consumed when players create characters, forge rare weapons, purchase NFTs and upgrade main cities. There are several ways to acquire EB: directly purchasing from DEX, selling NFTs, challenging world bosses and collecting main city taxes.

EBC Token

EBC is the utility token with an unlimited supply. In combat mode, EBC serves as the tickets to initiate the battle. In planets online mode, EBC can be earned and consumed through selling raw materials, crafting potions, and minting tech NFTs. EBC is tradable in major DEXs.


Endless Battlefield Roadmap


Endless Battlefield Partners


  • TOKEN AT TGE: A.17.9M (Excluding Marketing and Foundation), B.30.4M (Including Marketing and Foundation)
  • TOTAL RAISE: $18M-$18.75M
  • MC AT TGE: A: $3.58M — $4.475M, B: $6.08M-$7.6M
  • FULLY DILUTED: $200M-$250M

Prices & Vesting

  • PRIVATE: $0.1, TGE 8.33%, remaining 23 months linear, $15M
  • PUBLIC: $0.2-$0.25, TGE 25%, remaining 4 months linear, $3M-$3.75

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Alpha Hunt

Alpha Hunt is a group of seasoned cryptocurrency investors collaborating with young blockchain companies to help accelerate their growth. www.alphahunt.club