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We are proud to announce our Investment into Candy Cash

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Candy Cash is a game inspired by the globally successful “Candy Crush Saga”. Besides enjoying an addictive and immersive gameplay, players are the real owners of the items inside the game, and they are able to exchange them with other players and obtain real, attractive and significant rewards according to their total play time.

Platform Game Modes

Sweet Mode

The player has a limited amount of time, in which he must score as many points as possible. The higher the number of points, the higher the reward.

Duel Mode

This game mode lasts 30 seconds, during which both users should be able to move their pieces in order to fit them into similar ones. The success of the player consists in making more points than his or her rival during that time limit.

In their screens, players will be able to check both their own and their rivals’ score in real time.

Users may start by playing the duel mode without investing capital (no entrance barriers).

Savage Mode

The SAVAGE mode gameplay is similar to the DUEL mode one, with some differences:

  • In this game mode, players must bet a certain amount of $CANDY.
  • This game mode in itself represents a burning mechanism for the platform, since the same users who had previously acquired $CANDY tokens are the ones who bet them. And a percentage of the total bet is automatically burnt.
  • Once the 30 seconds are over, the losing player may extend the match for another 30 seconds (this costs 1 $COOKIE for the losing player).

The “SAVAGE” mode, just as its name indicates, is a game method specially designed to produce a maximum risk scheme, with the highest benefits.

Other Elements in the Platform

Sweet Staking

It is a DEFI platform; users must block their tokens in order stake them (the longer the user blocks his tokens, the better the annual percentage yield)

This function will also provide players with participation points (according to the amount of $CANDY or $CHOCOLATE placed in staking).

These points will then allow users to use better NFTs (the user only obtains participation tokens while he or she has tokens in staking).

If the user withdraws them, he will lose them, but will be able to recover or even increase them whenever he stakes them again.

NFT Card Store

Users may purchase card boosters, which will grant limited NFTs which the players will use as characters inside the game.

Cookie Store

Through the Cookie Store, any user may exchange a certain amount of stablecoins for $COOKIEs (the price of $COOKIEs does not vary or change over time, which provides users with a safe and accurate perspective at the time of purchasing).

$COOKIE is an internal coin inside the game, used to gain access to the NFT CARD STORE and to the other features of the game.

My Level

Assess their current level and their current participation points, and see how many points they need in order to reach the next level and the corresponding rewards.

Claiming their daily rewards, these prizes are given in participation points, which are required to level up and which increase according to the amount of consecutive days that users access the platform, until they reach the maximum of 100 days.

Participation points are the way in which the system determines or establishes the level of involvement of a player in their ecosystem:

  • Level up and unlock better NFTs.
  • To reach and unlock new levels (for each new unlocked level, the player earns a reward).
  • To improve the user’s position in the players ranking.

How to obtain participation points:

  • Playing battles.
  • Winning battles.
  • Earning rewards for daily entering the platform.
  • Playing “SAVAGE” Mode.
  • Staking (the player obtains points while staking, but loses them automatically in the event he or she removes their position).
  • Project News

The “PROJECT NEWS” section is made up of a specialised blog and news portal related to the project. Besides, here, the user will be able to see all the content inherent to “Candy Cash!”, such as videos, animations, and any type of additional content that may add information on the community’s goals, vision, mission and future perspective.


The NFTs can only be obtained through the NFT CARD STORE. These are paid with $COOKIE and $CANDY.

Used to:

  • Earn more CANDY in DUEL MODE and SWEET MODE
  • Play more matches (each user has the possibility of playing just a few number of matches without having an equipped NFT, which will reset every 24 non-cumulative hours)
  • Stake NFTs and use them to upgrade or improve the earnings. STAKING EARNINGS MULTIPLIER will allow players to “sum” many of their NFTs.
  • Further details are on whitepaper


Make users responsible for the future and the destiny of the game, which may be expanded.

Allow new developers outside Apes Group S.A. to be the ones to take advantage of the already-created utility tokens and ecosystem, in order to launch their gaming projects inside the universe of Candy Cash!

Go to Market Strategy

Competitive Advantages

Business Model





  • TOTAL TOKEN: 100.000.000
  • INITIAL MC: $350.400 (Excluding Liquidity)
  • TOTAL RAISE: $2.465M
  • FULLY DILUTED VALUE: $16,000,000

Prices & Vesting

  • SEED: $0.09, 6% TGE , 4 months cliff, 12% per month after cliff, $585K
  • STRATEGIC SALE: $0.12, 10% TGE, 3 months cliff, 13% per month after cliff, $1.32M
  • PUBLIC: $0.16, 20% TGE, 14 days cliff , 10% per month, $560K

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Alpha Hunt

Alpha Hunt is a group of seasoned cryptocurrency investors collaborating with young blockchain companies to help accelerate their growth.