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We are proud to announce our Investment into 11 Minutes

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11Minutes is not a single game, but a series of games in which the aim is to achieve a high score within 11 minutes. But let’s start from the beginning:

First of all, the player must have minted a NFT to participate in a game session.

The price is $ 45, which is the average price you would pay for a new game. Of course, we also distribute tickets through competitions or giveaways.

Once the Game Starts, you have 24 hours to start your own game session and set a high score within 11 minutes. We will reveal the game shortly before the start of each session. Most of the time, it will be an endless game that is hardly more difficult than Flappy Bird. You can restart as often as you like in your 11 minutes and break your own high score. The highest rating is entered in the leaderboard together with your wallet address and your NFT Token ID. Based on your position on the leaderboard, you will receive a profit that will differ from session to session.


Let’s take the example of the first session, in which a maximum of 10,000 players can participate. As said, the ticket will cost around $ 45, whereby we will use MATIC as the currency, as we will bring our NFTs out on Polygon. We use Polygon, because the gas fees are particularly low here, so that you actually come to just under $ 45 and the price does not double, as it would be the case on Ethereum Mainnet.

When all NFT Tickets have been sold, the first game session will give a total of $ 270,000 in prize money. In this example, first place receives $ 80,000, second place $ 20,000 and third place $ 10,000 for 11 minutes of play!

Here you have an overview of all other placements:

1st Place: $ 80,000

2nd Place: $ 20,000

3rd Place: $ 10,000

4th Place: $ 8,000

5th Place: $ 7,000

6th Place: $ 6,000

7th Place: $ 5,000

8th Place: $ 4,000

9th Place: $ 3,500

10th Place: $ 3,000

Top 25%: $ 50 for each player

This is just an example gaming scenario and can vary from game to game.

NFT Staking

Besides getting into the top 25% of the leaderboard, you can use your NFTs for staking.

When you use your NFTs for staking, you will earn $ELVN or your own Token, which will be out there this year. We will ensure that every player will earn with every NFT they hold and always get their initial investment back and earn money on top of that.

Special Events

There will be special events in which you can only participate if, for example, you have a ticket for the first and a ticket for the third session in your wallet. You are free to sell your tickets, but keep in mind that you may lose your chance to attend a cool special event!




11 Minutes Partners


  • TOTAL TOKEN: 1billion
  • TOKEN AT TGE: 14,500,000 (Excluding Liquidity)
  • TOTAL RAISE: $3.65m
  • MC AT TGE: $507,500 (Excluding Liquidity)

Prices & Vesting:

  • PRE-SEED: $0.015, 5% TGE 1 month locked followed by 11 month vesting $150k Raised
  • SEED: $0.02, 7.5% TGE 1 month locked followed by 10 month vesting $1.2m Raised
  • PRIVATE: $0.0275, 10% TGE 1 month locked followed by 8 month vesting $1.375m Raised
  • PUBLIC: $0.035, 15% TGE 1 month locked followed by 5 month vesting $896k Raised

What is Alpha Hunt

Alpha Hunt is a group of seasoned cryptocurrency investors
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Alpha Hunt

Alpha Hunt is a group of seasoned cryptocurrency investors collaborating with young blockchain companies to help accelerate their growth. www.alphahunt.club